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Mod: Coptaine's Mob Animation
22-01-2023, 21:00 2 005
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Mod: Coptaine's Mob Animation

Coptain's Mob Animation addon updates animations of various mobs in Minecraft, while maintaining a vanilla look. Enjoy the game with more dynamic and smooth animations!

Mobs with new animation: all residents, robbers, animals and hostile mobs.

  • Improved animations (rebirth, inactivity, blinking eye, walking, death, etc.)
  • Smooth transitions from one state to another (for example, a wolf is sitting still and vice versa)
  • Works with texture packs

Basic animation

Basic animation

Holiday animation

Festive animation

Animation of death

Animation of death
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download Coptaine's Mob Animation mod (.mcpack)

[347.99 Kb] downloads: 238
Supported versions
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