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Mod: Untitled Creatures
28-04-2022, 00:29 3 330
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Mod: Untitled Creatures

Mod Untitled Creatures will add several new mobs to Minecraft. All of them were named by chance, which is why the supplement has such a name. In any case, you can use them for new battles.


Sand Scale: you can get it from the Guardian, used for crafting a Sand Sword.

Sand scales on the rack

Sand Sword: can be crafted in a workbench.

Sand sword on the rack

Lightning Dragon
  • Health: 400
  • Speed: 0.25
  • Can fly, levitate and create lightning

Thunder Dragon in Minecraft

Tornado Dragon
  • Health: 490
  • Speed: Normal
  • Can create tornadoes

Tornado Dragon in Minecraft

Sand Guardian
  • Health: 97
  • Speed: 0.26
  • Has no features

Side view of the Sand Guard
View of the sand Guard from the front

Mutated Creeper
  • Health: 32
  • Speed: 0.25
  • Explodes twice as powerful as usual

Mutated creeper in the game
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Untitled Creatures (.mcaddon)

[1.1 Mb] downloads: 718
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