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Mod: Zombie Decor
12-04-2022, 01:21 8 283
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Mod: Zombie Decor

Creating your own map with the apocalypse? Mod Zombie Decor will help you with this! With it, new decorative blocks will appear in the game, which will allow you to equip the city with a different interior.

If textures and block models are not displayed, install the Block-Geo Fixer mod additionally.

All blocks are available in the Creative mode inventory.

Blocks from the mod in the inventory of creativity

All blocks have detailed elaboration of models!

City interior blocks
City blocks for interior
Supported versions
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  1. Влад
    Классный мод!;)
  2. Н
    1. попрршш
      Чё чё???
    2. Влад
      Я тоже не понял:)
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