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Mod: 89 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR
21-12-2021, 03:07 36 063
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Mod: 89 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

Mod '89 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR adds to Minecraft the famous racing car Nissan Skyline sample of 1989. The car was superbly designed, you will be able to enjoy a detailed interior and high speed.

Available colors

The car is available in several colors, and also has special versions.

Black Pearl

Nissan in black

Crystal white

Nissan in crystal white


Nissan in metallic color

Child of the Night

Nissan in color Child of the Night


Nissan in Reaper color

HKS Livery

Nissan variant of HKS Livery

HKS Livery - JTC ‘92

Nissan variant HKS Livery - JTC 92

Group A - Calsonic

Nissan variant Group A - Calsonic


You can also open the car doors, hood and trunk. It is worth noting that the Mobile Revised version does not have the ability to open the hood and trunk.

Nissan with open doors

The engine of the car was well-developed, you can see even small details!

Type of Nissan engine
View of the Nissan engine in Minecraft

For a full immersion, the interior of the car itself was worked out. You will be able to enjoy the Nissan salon in all its glory from the first person!

Nissan car interior

Note that the mod has three versions:
  • Mobile: The machine speed is set to 0.55, recommended for mobile devices and small towns
  • Mobile Revised: Machine speed is set to 0.41, machine detail is reduced, recommended for weak mobile devices and small cities
  • Windows 10: machine speed is set to 0.65, high machine detail
Supported versions
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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    Почему не откриваётса мод в бете?
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