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Mod: Sticky Expansion
28-11-2021, 07:00 7 355
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Mod: Sticky Expansion

Mod Sticky Expansion is created for those who love sweet honey and also want to expand the use of slugs in Minecraft! With him in the game there will be new various items in the form of tools, as well as various blocks.

Enable the experiment functions for the add-on to work correctly.

New recipes

Crafting a honey layer block
Crafting a full honey layer
Crafting a block from beehives
Crafting a block of honey drink
Crafting honey bricks
Crafting a honey block
Crafting sticky dynamite
Crafting a slime grenade
Crafting a slug onion
Crafting a slug shovel
Crafting honey shovels

Honey tools
  • All the tools are very weak
  • Strength: 40
  • When hit, mobs cannot move for 5-10 seconds
  • Created from bottles of honey

Honey sword in hand
Honey sword and sheep

The slime wand discards mobs, and the honey wand imposes slowness.

Slug stick and sheep
Slug stick in hand
Honey stick in руке

Take the arrows in your second hand to be able to shoot a slime bow.

Slime bow in hand
The player aimed a bow at the mob
Arrows and slug bow

When the arrow hits the ground, it leaves a slime glue.

The glue from the bow hit the ground

Sticky dynamite

It differs from the usual one in that when activated, it does not fall, but sticks to the neighboring block.

Two blocks of sticky dynamite
Sticky TNT and flint
Sticky dynamite stuck to the block

Decorative blocks

Various decorative blocks are available. For example, layers of honey and mucus will appear.

Semi-blocks of honey and slime

If you like honey, then this addition will be a great solution to replenish your interior with various blocks.

Honey Block Options
Honey door and fence

Slime bricks are also available.

Slime bricks


If the mob gets on the glue, then it will not be able to move.

Honey and slug glue
Player stands on glue
Garbage stands on honey glue
Mobs are trapped in glue
Garbage and slime glue


There are two options available — honey and slug grenades.

Honey grant
Honey grant and mob
Honey grant and explosion

Slug grenade
Slug grenade and explosion
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Sticky Expansion (.mcaddon)

[506.87 Kb] downloads: 1404
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