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Mod: Wooden Armor
30-10-2021, 00:32 6 288
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Mod: Wooden Armor

With mod Wooden Armor, you can create a new armor that is perfect for starting survival in a new world. This is a small addition, but it will complement Minecraft styled as a vanilla version of armor.

In the settings of the world, don't forget to enable the experimental features.

Activating features for the mod


You can create armor elements from any type of boards. The crafting grid is similar to vanilla armor.

Crafting a helmet made of boards
Crafting a bib made of crimson boards
Crafting pants from jungle boards
Craft shoes made of dark oak boards

Booking statistics
  • Helmet: 1 protection and 30 durability
  • Breastplate: 3 protection and 55 strength
  • Greaves: 2 protection and 50 strength
  • Boots: 1 protection and 40 durability

Wooden armor protection


Front view of wooden armor
View of the wooden armor from behind
Type of wooden armor in inventory
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Wooden Armor (.mcaddon)

[47.32 Kb] downloads: 2212
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