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Mod: Ex-Mermaids
28-09-2021, 22:31 5 991
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Mod: Ex-Mermaids

Mod Ex-Mermaids adds mermaids, which can be found in the ocean. They can be tamed to humanize and switch between different modes. You will also be able to change their hairstyles to create a unique style.

Humanized mermaids in Minecraft

  • Use the Nautilus Shell to tame
  • A tamed mermaid will follow you only in the water
  • Use an iron or gold amulet to transform her into another creature
  • The amulet allows you to turn a mermaid into a human, a harpy, a lamia and back into a mermaid

Golden amulet

Crafting a golden amulet

Iron amulet

Crafting an Iron Amulet

Variants of mermaids

There are 24 variants of mermaids available.

Variants of mermaids in fashion

If you instruct them to wait, they will spin around themselves.

Mermaid animation
Human animation

The comb can be used to change the hairstyle.

Types of hairstyles

They appear in random outfits! There are 4 options available.

Variants of girls in outfits

Outfits adapt to other modes.

Mermaid Outfits
Outfits of girls with wings

They can also pick up swords and armor, but do not display them.

Iron comb

Crafting an iron comb

Crafting Golden combs

Crafting golden combs

The only difference between iron and gold items is the number of uses.

First aid kit

Craft аптечки

  • Health: 80 (40 hearts)
  • Damage: 5 (2.5 hearts)
  • Ability: breathes underwater

  • Health: 80 (40 hearts)
  • Damage: 5 (2.5 hearts)
  • Ability: can walk on land

  • Health: 80 (40 hearts)
  • Damage: 5 (2.5 hearts)
  • Ability: can fly

  • Health: 80 (40 hearts)
  • Damage: 5 (2.5 hearts)
  • Ability: missing
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Ex-Mermaids (.mcaddon)

[622.11 Kb] downloads: 1818
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