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Mod: Endcraft
20-09-2021, 04:47 9 683
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Mod: Endcraft

Do you like the Edge measurement in MCPE, but it seems that it is too empty and boring to go into it? Addon Endcraft fixes this by radically updating and expanding the final dimension. There will be new biomes, structures, mobs, ores and much more.

Infernal forest

There are trees and much more in this forest! From the boards you can do the same as from ordinary wood.

Infernal Forest
Islands of the new biome with forest
New types of wooden blocks

Distorted Edge

This is the most boring, but the most peaceful biome! Now you can use the vine to create paper.

Mod: Endcraft
Crafting paper from a vine

Ash waste

There is a new type of sand in this biome that can be used in the same way as regular sand. Cactus can be turned into purple dye and sticks.

Ash waste biome

Crafting purple dye from cactus

Bloody Hills

The biome is shrouded in fogs and scares with its eerie sounds. Seeds can fall from the grass, which can be planted on obsidian or bloody obsidian.

From these seeds grows bloody wheat, which is used to create a new bread.

A bloody seedling can be crushed to the bone. Saplings and sticks fall from the foliage of this tree.

Bloody Hills in Minecraft

Seedlings on new blocks


At the moment, the mod adds 2 new ores (both can be mined even with a wooden pickaxe).
  • Pearl Ore
  • Tungsten

They can be used to create new tools and armor.

New armor and tools
New ore in the Region

The Museum of the Wanderer of the Edge

In it you can find random blocks from the Upper and Lower World.

The structure of the Museum of the Region

Destroyed Edge Portal

The loot inside is really good and may contain rare items.

The structure of the destroyed portal

Slug Edges
  • Can teleport
  • Takes water damage
  • Drop: Slime Edge

Slug Edges in Minecraft

Phantom Edge, distorted pig and infernal cow have the same behavior as their vanilla counterparts.

New mobs of the Edge

Swarm Floater
  • Neutral
  • Sometimes it attacks
  • Damage: 1
  • Drop: soul (normal or evil)

Swarm floater in Minecraft

Crafting the Enchantment table
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Endcraft (.mcaddon)

[695.8 Kb] downloads: 1883
Supported versions
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