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Mod: Formula 1 - 1990
18-09-2021, 00:23 5 845
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Mod: Formula 1 - 1990

Mod Formula 1 - 1990 adds five new cars from the 44th season of Formula 1, which took place in 1993. All cars have detailed models, realistic sounds and animations, and also have a high driving speed.

McLaren-Honda MP4/5B

McLaren-Honda MP4 in Майнкрафт

Ferrari 641 / F190

Ferrari 641 in Minecraft

Williams-Renault FW13B

Williams-Renault FW13B in Майнкрафт

Benetton-Ford B190

Benetton-Ford B190 in Майнкрафт

Lotus-Lamborghini 102

Lotus 102 in Майнкрафт

How to get cars?

All machine creation eggs are available in the Creative mode inventory, you can also use the commands:
  • /summon mclaren:mp4-5b
  • /summon ferrari:f190
  • /summon williams:fw13b
  • /summon benetton:b190
  • /summon lotus:102
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  1. Gerald
    it is so slow dude my grandma is faster than it
  2. Semen
    Они савсем не юцьсро едут персонаж быстрее ходит
  3. .....
    Мод топчик вот толька болиди почти неєдут ніфіга (либо ета толька у меня)
  4. Пацан Бро
    Мод хорошо спасибо за какие мод
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