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Mod: Climate Clock - TicToc
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Mod: Climate Clock - TicToc

Have you been looking for a mod for a long time that would allow you to control your game world? Your house is on fire, do you want to miss a dangerous night or do something else that will save you and your resources? Then install the mod Climate Clock - TicToc for Minecraft, which will add a new useful item!

In the world settings, enable the experiment functions.


With the new watch, you will be able to control the time and weather.

Climate clock in Minecraft

Right-click if you are using Windows 10, or hold on the screen if you are using a mobile phone to open the watch interface.

Clock Interface

Each click on the button has a recovery time of 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Day switches the time of day to day
  • Night switches the time of day to night
  • Wheather OFF cancels the rain if it is raining
  • Rain starts the rain
  • Thunder includes thunderstorm

The recipe for creation requires quite expensive resources, 8 amethyst fragments and one star of the Nether.

Crafting climate clocks


Watch in hand from a third person
What the clock interface looks like
Changing the time for the day
Changing the time for the night
Changing the time to rain
Supported versions
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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