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Mod: VAZ 2106
14-08-2021, 03:50 32 943
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Mod: VAZ 2106

This mod will add the legendary Soviet and Russian car, which was produced from 1976 to 2006, and now you can ride it in Minecraft! At the same time, five different colors of the car are available.

Blue VASE:

Blue VAZ 2106

Brown VASE:

Brown VAZ 2106

Green VASE:

Green VAZ 2106


Red VAZ 2106

Special version of Hot Rod:

HotRod VAZ 2106

The car accommodates up to five players, but the special version accommodates only one. Each car has 40 health points (20 hearts).

You can create a car using eggs from creative inventory or commands:
  • /summon vaz:2106_red
  • /summon vaz:2106_green
  • /summon vaz:2106_blue
  • /summon vaz:2106_brown
  • /summon vaz:2106_demon
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod VAZ 2106 (.mcaddon)

[200.58 Kb] downloads: 12420
Supported versions
reload, if the code cannot be seen
  1. Аватарка гостя
    Пж на 1.18 сделайте уже
  2. Аватарка гостя
    мод работает
    1. Аватарка гостя
      Конечно будет работать так как ето доработанный мод почти
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