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Mod: Atmospheric: Underwater

12-08-2021, 17:23 17 729
Mod: Atmospheric: Underwater
Mod Atmospheric: Underwater is the first part of the add-on Minecraft Dungeons called Hidden Depths. In Minecraft New blocks, mobs, bosses, and items will appear!

Drowned skeleton
This mob often appears in the ocean. It is a skeleton that is overgrown with corals, and has three texture options. He shoots harpoons that fly faster than normal arrows.

You can also create a harpoon yourself.

The drowned skeleton in Minecraft

At the bottom of the sea and oceans, shellfish will occur. With them, not only will there be more water atmosphere, but a new opportunity will appear. If you stand on this clam, it will throw you into the air along with all the mobs that step on it.

Mollusk in Minecraft

whisper of waters
This is an underwater mob that was both in the Jungle Awakens supplement and in Hidden Depths. He does not attack you himself, but summons a poisonous plant that will spit at you!

Mob Whisper of waters in Minecraft

Tropical slime
These mobs originally appeared in Minecraft Earth, but now they will be available in the regular version of Minecraft! They are dangerous and make marine life more diverse.

Tropical slime in Minecraft

Drowned Boss
This boss rarely appears at the bottom of the oceans. He doesn't have a lot of health, but he summons mobs that will help him. He is also capable of attacking with lightning bolts.

Boss Drowned in Minecraft

Boss Ancient Guardian
The Ancient Guardian is one of the most difficult bosses. To summon him, you need to create a special item. He has a lot of health, he calls the ancient and ordinary guards. He can also create mines, but do not try to touch them!

Ancient Guardian boss

Boss Summoning Item:

Ancient Guardian spawn egg recipe

Drop bosses
  • Lightning Trident — falls from the drowned boss and can create lightning
  • Guardian's Eye — drops from the guardian's boss and creates a laser with a lot of damage

Item Features

Blocks from the Hidden Depths DLC
Along with new mobs, items and bosses, a variety of new blocks have also appeared in mod. You can get them using the commands:
  • /function hiddendepths1
  • /function hiddendepths2
  • /function hiddendepths3

New blocks in addon

Addon Overview

Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
Download mod Atmospheric: Underwater (.mcaddon)
[2.05 Mb] downloads: 5246
Supported versions
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