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Mod: The Moopkin Cow
18-07-2021, 00:15 2 839
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Mod: The Moopkin Cow

Do you want to in your survival game world in Minecraft there is a new, interesting cow, but at the same time tame and very friendly? With mod The Moopkin Cow you will be able to meet a new pumpkin cow and get new meat!

A pumpkin cow is a cow covered with pumpkins all over its body. It can be found anywhere where ordinary animals appear, so it won't be difficult for you to find it!

Screenshot Pumpkin cow

A pumpkin cow behaves like an ordinary vanilla cow, but after death, a special kind of meat falls from it, called "Pumpkin meat" . When you eat it raw, you get a feeling of hunger and nausea for 12 seconds.

Raw pumpkin meat in Minecraft

However, if you decide to cook it and eat it, you get regeneration for a couple of seconds. It can be cooked in the oven.

When milking a cow, you get a special kind of milk called Pumpkin milk, which imposes Regeneration III for 10 seconds.

Mod: The Moopkin Cow

If you have a pumpkin in your inventory, you can tame a pumpkin cow, and it will follow you. The only way to make her stop is to tie her to a fence with a leash.

Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod The Moopkin Cow (.mcaddon)

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  1. Ender Player
    А когда добавьте багровую и искаженную корова для ада?
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