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Mod: Random Food Effects
25-06-2021, 13:31 4 900
Survival / Food
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Mod: Random Food Effects

Mod Random Food Effects for Minecraft BE makes you randomly get some effect every time you eat. It is well-designed and polished, and playing with it can be quite a fun task. To learn more, read this article!

If this mod is enabled, you can get some effect at any time when you eat, it can be either positive or negative with a probability of 50% to 50%. Sometimes you may not get any effect, sometimes even 3, but on average it should be one effect per food eaten.

The duration of the effects is affected by the type of effect:
  • Negative effect — 25 seconds (including levitation and excluding desiccation and deadly poison);
  • Positive effect — 20 seconds;
  • Withering and deadly poison — 15 seconds;
  • Instant effect — instantaneous.

The effect amplifier is affected by the nutritional value of food:
  • 0.5-1 strip of hunger — level 1;
  • 1.5-2 strips of hunger — level 2;
  • 2.5+ hunger strips — level 3.

Note: Instant effects can only be level 1.

If the food already gives some vanilla effects, these effects still remain and random ones are added to them. For technical reasons, the cake recipe has been removed (replaced with bedrock in the recipe), since the cake cannot be edited to add a random effect.

Mod: Random Food Effects

There are 3 modes available in this pack:
  • Normal — both positive and negative effects (default);
  • Hardcore — only negative effects;
  • Light — only positive effects.

By default, the normal mode is selected, if you want to switch the mode, click the gear icon when selecting the mod.

This package works on all MC versions above 1.17, including beta versions. This set does not require experimental gameplay! Below are a few GIFs for reference.

Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
Download mod Random Food Effects (.mcpack)
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