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10-04-2021, 15:58 7 937
Mod CURSEDCRAFT will add new mechanics and items to MCPE that can help you survive, and may cause problems.

In editing the world, enable the experiment functions.

New items


Now you will not be able to create coal blocks, instead you will receive coal! Caution!


Diamond ingot

Now diamonds are unsuitable for creating diamond armor and tools.

Instead, you will need diamond bars.

Diamond ingots can be obtained by melting diamonds in a furnace.

The recipes for diamond armor and tools are the same, but differ in that it is necessary to use diamond ingots.

This change applies to the following recipes:
  • Helmet
  • Chestplate
  • Boot
  • Leggings
  • Sword
  • Picks
  • The Axe
  • Shovels
  • Hoes
  • Diamond blocks


The baguette is created from three elements of bread and differs in that it satisfies hunger three times higher!

Half of a golden apple

This food can be used to quickly create new food, which, when eaten, gives the effect of Regeneration of V for 10 seconds.


Is it getting hot in the armor? Use the shorts!

To create shorts, you will need Iron, Gold, Diamond or Netherite pants and scissors.

Hip bed

In English, the indigenous breed is called Bedrock. Bed and Rock? The texture of all the hips has been changed, and now a bed is drawn on it, but, unfortunately, it is not necessary to use this block for sleeping and setting the appearance point.


Fried chicken can now be used to make nuggets!

KFC bucket

Use nuggets and an empty bucket to create a KFC bucket that satisfies hunger by 9 units.


What happens if you use all the food from the game to create something new? Let's start with a simple one!


This food can be created from fried beef and fried pork, satisfies hunger by 6 units.

Fish and meat steak

It is created from steakchop and fried cod. Satisfies hunger by 8 units.

Fish and meat steak with chicken

Satisfies hunger by 8 units.

Steak with carrot

It is created from fish and meat steak with chicken and carrots. Satisfies hunger by 8 units.

Steak with cookies

Satisfies hunger by 8 units.

Steak pie

It is created from a steak with cookies and a pie.

Steak pie with apple

Satisfies hunger by 13 units.

Pie and steak sandwich

Satisfies hunger by 13 units.

Sandwich and fried rabbit

Satisfies hunger by 13 units.

Sandwich and fried salmon

Quenches hunger by 15 units and imposes a Nausea effect for 10 seconds.

Sandwich and roast lamb

Quenches hunger by 17 units and imposes a Nausea effect for 13 seconds.

Baked potato sandwich

Instantly causes death.

Cake sandwich

The latest food in addon, which is some kind of unreal infernal mixture of all the food! Instantly causes death.

New mobs

Dispenser Head

It represents a modified Ghast, which will throw eggs during the shooting!

Edible items

Now the following vanilla items can be used as food:
  • Diamond
  • A book
  • Stick
  • Fire Rod
  • Coal
  • The arrow
  • Bubble
  • Fireball

Interface changes

The mod replaces the game logo and adds new splashes, if you don't need it, then download the second version of the mod without an interface.

Supported versions
Craft / Food
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