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Mod: The Cursed Biome

25-03-2021, 20:00 11 229
Mod: The Cursed Biome
Do you want to see in your worlds Minecraft PE a new and unique biome so that you and your friends can challenge new creatures? The Cursed Biome mod adds a unique biome to the game, with new features, mobs and much more!

You need to enable all experiments in the world settings.

About the new biome:

Mod: The Cursed Biome

The biome looks similar to the Nether, but it is located in the Overworld. It will be difficult to find it if you are far from Extreme Hills. No other Minecraft entity lived here, except for the new cursed creatures.

Ores in the biome:

The most common ore that can be found in the biome is the most durable ore in Minecraft - netherite. Instead of going to the Nether, netherite can now be mined in the Cursed Biome. But be careful, as mentioned earlier, dangerous creatures live in this biome, so it will not be effortless to catch a netherite.


There are unique monsters in the biome that no one has ever seen. All of them are cursed and have a large health reserve compared to other mobs. These mobs can easily break diamond and netherite armor. Therefore, the only way to fight him is to enchant his armor and sword and carry an enchanted golden apple with him.

Damn zombie

These are some of the most powerful creatures living in the biome, be careful with them, have 100 health and deal 30 damage. Damn zombies are slow, so it won't be difficult to escape from them.

Cursed skeletons

Much more powerful than ordinary skeletons in terms of characteristics.

Damn spider

These are some of the most creepy creatures in the biome, besides they are three-headed, which makes them even more creepy! They have 112 health and 35 damage points! Their attacks can impose a poisoning effect.

Skeletons of the dark wizard

Their attacks have a Desiccation effect. Very fast mobs with 100 health units and 50 damage.

Damn creeper

Damn creepers are like ghosts. Have 80 health and 30 damage.

Now gather friends or try to survive alone in this dangerous biome!

Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
Download mod The Cursed Biome (.mcaddon)
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