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Mod: Ore Spiders
17-03-2021, 16:21 2 741
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Mod: Ore Spiders

9 new ore spiders from the Ore Spiders mod will diversify your gameplay and add more fun and features to your world Minecraft PE!

Each spider drops different materials, according to their appearance, you will understand what kind of material can be obtained from this or that spider.

Types of spiders:
  • Coal Spider (2-5 coal)
  • Diamond Spider (2-4 diamonds)
  • Emerald Spider (2-4 emeralds)
  • Iron Spider (2-5 iron)
  • Lapis Lazuli Spider (6-12 lapis lazuli)
  • Golden Spider (2-4 gold)
  • Red Stone Spider (5-10 red stone)
  • Ice Spider (10-20 blocks of ice)
  • Snow Spider (9-20 blocks of snow)

Mod: Ore Spiders

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