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Mod: Angry Mobs
17-03-2021, 12:54 4 897
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Mod: Angry Mobs

Imagine the world of Minecraft, in which every mob wanted to live in peace and harmony with all their neighbors. And now imagine the opposite, and then you will understand what the mod Angry Mobs is.

Each mob attacks other mobs that don't look like them. Villagers against iron golems, parrots against pandas, zombies against cadavers, Ghasts against Blazes, Shulkers against Enderman, everyone against everyone! This is a complete madness, a crazy world.

Some details of the mod:
  • Mobs that did not have melee attacks have this feature added, and damage is set at 1/3 of their health;
  • Spiders are always aggressive now;
  • The height and width of some mobs have been reduced to 2x2x2 to better fit into arenas for battles that you can arrange;
  • Enderman have reduced teleport distance;
  • All mobs don't burn during the day;
  • Zombies don't turn villagers into zombified residents;
  • Snowball deals damage (1-3) to all mobs.

Mod: Angry Mobs
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Angry Mobs (.mcaddon)

[129.3 Kb] downloads: 1221
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