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Map: Rocket War
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Map: Rocket War

Do you like the classic BedWars? Just grab the other team's bed and destroy the team! But that's not all. Bows and arrows are rocket launchers! On the Rocket War map, you'll be able to play the most chaotic Bed Wars game you've ever played.

The game requires a minimum of 2 people. The recommended number of players is from 2 to 8 people (4 against 4), but 2 players is the minimum.
  • The players are divided into two teams
  • Each team protects its bed
  • Each team must try to destroy the opponent team's bed
  • A broken bed does not allow the team to be reborn in the current game
  • As soon as the other team's bed is broken, eliminate all its players and your team will win!

Spawn cards

Spawn bed wars

Playing field

The chests are all around and the netherite generator is exactly in the middle.

Playing field

This game is basically a classic Minecraft BedWars, but with a twist — bows and arrows are practically rocket launchers! This makes the game quite chaotic in some situations.
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download map Rocket War (.mcworld)

[3.58 Mb] downloads: 2130
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