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Map: TnT-Wars
26-12-2020, 20:34 7 909
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Map: TnT-Wars

Creator: olecssandr YT
On this map called TnT-Wars for Minecraft PE (Bedrock) you have to fight for one of two teams — for the "A" or "B" team. To win, you will need to destroy all three enemy lives.

Your team and the opponent's team are separated by a wall three blocks wide, and you will need to break through it first! Also, the wall can be made of six different blocks — diamond blocks, gold blocks, iron blocks, earth, glass and sand. The main gun is guns! There are several types of them:
  • Gun 1 lvl Simple: it shoots not far away, but when paired with a Bomb Snowball it can cause huge damage.
  • lvl 2 cannon is conventional: shoots at medium range.
  • LVL 3 Long-range Cannon: can destroy the enemy's life from the base.
  • Shotgun Cannon: The most dangerous cannon, although it can't shoot straight, the damage from it is very huge.
  • Drill: designed to destroy walls, makes a hole in the wall of a 3x3 block, will only work if the wall is made of iron).
  • Bomb Snowball: This snowball is very dangerous, designed for: attacking walls, destroying lives, enemies and enemy guns.

Map: TnT-Wars

Installing the TnT-Wars map (.mcworld):

  • Download the map file .mcworld from the link below.
  • Just open the file and the game will install everything you need.
  • Launch Minecraft and find the map in the list of worlds.
  • Launch the map and enjoy it!
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download map TnT-Wars (.mcworld)

[624.1 Kb] downloads: 1887
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