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Map: Poppy Playtime The Horror
21-05-2022, 01:41 18 142
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Map: Poppy Playtime The Horror

This map for Minecraft is an adaptation of the popular horror game Poppy Playtime. You have to visit a toy factory and escape from Huggy. Sounds, textures, animations and much more have been worked out!

  • If you are playing on version 1.18.10, install an additional mod Block-Geo Fixer, otherwise some blocks and entities will be invisible!

Vines hang down on the map
Huggy is waiting for the player
The gloomy corridor of the factory
Initial location with Huggy

To begin with, you will need to be trained. After that, you can start the main passage. Huggy will be watching you and will start hunting. Try to find all 4 cassettes!

Huggy's mouth
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download map Poppy Playtime The Horror (.mcworld)

[11.93 Mb] downloads: 7435
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  1. 7zg7zzf6t6f6tf
    Я инопланетянин
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  2. рататуй
    карта классная но не понимаю какой нужен в начале код из цветов
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      Иди на сосиска
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      Отгадал? Я да, код: жёлтый голубой белый оранжевый... Я на угад просто... Ну хотя бы видео записывалось:)
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