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Map: Asylum Hide and Seek
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Map: Asylum Hide and Seek

On the map Asylum Hide and Seek, a shelter has been created on the territory of which you can play hide and seek with your friends. Hide in the torture room, control room and maze while the seeker chases you!

You will appear in a dark brick room. Wait until all the players are connected to you. To start the game, press the button on the wall and all hiding will be teleported.

After about 1 minute, the seeker teleports into the yard to start running and trying to find those hiding. If the seeker hits the hiding one once, he will be transferred to the team of seekers.

The game ends when all the hiding ones are found and turned into seekers (the seekers win), or when the seven-minute timer expires (the hiding ones win).

Hide-and-seek card
Location of the shelter in Minecraft
Library on the map
Hide-and-seek level in Asylum
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download map Asylum Hide and Seek (.mcworld)

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