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Map: Prehistoric Park
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Map: Prehistoric Park

Do you love or even adore dinosaurs? Are you familiar with the universe of the Jurassic World and like to watch movies? The map Prehistoric Park was just created based on a popular universe with dinosaurs, and now you can visit it. On its territory you will find a large park in Minecraft, in which there are many buildings, aviaries, aquariums and much more for dinosaurs.


It's an entire island based on Jurassic Park and the films in this franchise. The dimensions are really impressive, you can visit many interesting places.

Park map

As soon as you are on the map, you will appear on a ship that, according to the author's idea, sailed to this island, where the park itself is located.

The ship sailed to island

Follow the trail.

Helicopter on map

Get on the trolley, and it will take you to the gates of the park, which look beautiful at night.

Park gates in Minecraft

Soon you will arrive at the information center.

Park information center

Inside this building you will find various fossils, mini-games, maps, books and much more that is familiar to fans of the great saga.

Mini games on map

Follow the sign Welcome to Prehistoric Park, and it will take you directly to the fences of the park itself.

Kingdom of Tirexes

T-Rex Aviary

In this enclosure, you will find a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Tyrannosaurus in Minecraft

Tyrannosaurus Rex has animations, unique behavior, it's a pleasure to look at it.

Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus in Minecraft

Aviary for Spinosaurus and Baryonyx

This aviary has an aquatic environment that is ideal for the life of two prehistoric creatures.

Aviary water in Minecraft

Because the mod is built into the map, you can place the dinosaurs in the right places yourself.

Spinosaurus in Minecraft

Spinosaurus is a graceful aquatic predator, so its enclosure is both aquatic and terrestrial.

Blue Spinosaurus

Most aviaries have special food, it is in the dispensers.

Spinosaurus is living

Large aviary

The perfect place for flying dinosaurs.

Aviary for flying dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have elaborate animations, both on the ground and during flights.

Pterodactyls in Minecraft

Pterodactyls create their nests in trees.

Pterodactyls fly

There are several different Easter eggs from the movies in this large aviary. Can you find them?

Predator enclosure

Predatory raptor dinosaurs are located in this enclosure.

Aviary of predatory dinosaurs

You can feed these predators, but be careful.

Red Raptor in Minecraft
Raptors in Minecraft

Other aviaries

The great news about this add-on and the map is that there are more than 16 mobs and 16 new aviaries.

New aviaries

You can play together with your friends to appreciate the new features as much as possible.

Dinosaurs by the water

Various Easter eggs were hidden all over the map.

Easter eggs on the map

Other screenshots

Great Volcano
Brachiosaurus in Minecraft
Stegosaurus in Minecraft
Herbaceous aviary dinosaur
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
Download map Prehistoric Park (.mcworld)
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