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Alien: Isolation is a computer horror game with aliens in which the main character tries to survive against aliens. This the map was created at a scale of 1:1, thanks to which the details of the original game were preserved. You will go to the space station in search of information about the missing mother. Suddenly, an incident occurs that caused a real commotion at the station. You, like Amanda Ripley, are trying to get information, survive and escape.

Alien: Isolation map for Minecraft

You have to explore various objects, face various enemies, solve some puzzles and much more.

Map Features:
  • Plot
  • Single player
  • Detailed textures
  • New crafting system and unique items

Alien map for Minecraft
Lab on the map
Crafting system on the map
Fight with strangers
Fight with enemies
Alien map for Minecraft
A card with Strangers for Майнкрафт

Card Requirements:
  • Game Version Minecraft 1.17.10 and higher
  • 4GB of RAM and above (for playing without lags)
  • Knowledge of English

Launch system on the map

Some changes have been made to the map that differ from the original game to give more freedom.

Changes compared to the main game

Will you be able to pass this map?

Cabin module
Supported versions
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