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Texture pack: ForeverVanilla
14-06-2022, 13:39 1 042
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Texture pack: ForeverVanilla

Texture pack ForeverVanilla has been ported from Minecraft: Java Edition and is now available for Bedrock edition! It improves textures and models of blocks, objects and much more.

What changes texture pack
  • Models and textures of particles, blocks, mobs, objects and UI
  • Adds variation to blocks
  • 3D books
  • A new sparkle of enchantment
  • Improved textures and foliage color
  • New particles

Textures in the forest biome
At home and laves
Savannah with textures
House and forest
Lake and jungle
Textures in desert
Cave with texture pack
View of an underwater fortress with a pack
Updated textures End
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download texture pack ForeverVanilla (.mcpack)

[12.62 Mb] downloads: 177
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