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Texture: Lily Pads Plus+
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Texture: Lily Pads Plus+

This small texture pack Lily Pads Plus+ for Minecraft will add three-dimensional flowers with many variations to your water lilies! This little detail is sure to make your worlds a little more beautiful!

Texture: Lily Pads Plus+

There are 6 different variations of colors in total, and there is a chance that there will not be a single flower on the lily, as shown below.

You can also choose the textures of the water lilies themselves:

Vanilla textures

These water lilies have a texture with flowers on top.

Improved textures of water lilies

These water lilies have a new texture with 8 different variations. Their texture will be randomly generated.

Interesting fact: these water lilies have a total of 56 different combinations with and without flowers! You can use water lilies the same way as before.

Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download texture pack Lily Pads Plus+ (.mcpack)

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