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Emotions in Minecraft Bedrock!
18-04-2020, 03:09 65 847
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Emotions in Minecraft Bedrock!

The latest beta Minecraft Bedrock Edition has not only added a lot of new content from Nether Update, but also brought a new feature to the game - emotions, with which you can quickly communicate with other players!

At the moment, only one free emotion is available, but most likely new emotions will appear in the future, including paid versions.

Emotions are selected in a new special section of the character editor.

Emotions in Minecraft Bedrock!

There are a total of six slots available for choosing emotions.

On Windows 10, the emotion selection screen is turned on by the B (Russian) button, a special button is available on mobile devices near the pause and chat buttons.

Example of emotion:

Emotions in Minecraft

And here's how it looks from the outside:

Emotions in Minecraft

Do you like the new feature in the game?

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  1. Галина
    Как установить???????????
  2. Асхат
    Соғо тарта алмаи жатырмын
  3. Раихан Амироба
    Скачат деген каида
  4. Умар
    5 эмотсия нужна
  5. Нурмахан
    4 эмоция нужно
  6. Будущий чемпион Алибек
    А у меня нет в майнкрафт 1.16.40эмодци
    1. Ринат
  7. Алибек
    Да у меня тоже такой вапрос как скачать
    1. Ринат
  8. Как скачать
    Как скачать
  9. Эмсас
  10. Мақсат
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