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Mod: Apocalypse Addon
14-05-2023, 13:11 156 444
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Mod: Apocalypse Addon

Creator: Neichty
Mod Apocalypse Addon is not just a zombie apocalypse Add-on! In addition to zombies, you can get new weapons in the form of a carving knife, meet new monsters, mutants, visit a mutant biome and fight a boss! Try to survive with this addon. You can also use the addon to create your own zombie apocalypse map.

In the world settings, turn on all experimental features and cheats.

Zombie Miner

Appears on blocks of stone and in the biome mesa.

Zombie Miner in Mynecraft

Night Hunter
  • Health: 120
  • Damage: 17
  • Cannot be knocked back when attacked
  • Appears at night as well as during the day in caves and dark places

Mob Night Hunter


Doesn't discard when it attacks, applies a poison effect. The stinger and bio-plates fall out of it.

Mob Gripper


Byter has 20 health, but moves rather quickly. When attacked, it deals a poison effect.

Byter mobs

Boss Queen
  • Health: 800
  • Damage: 10
  • Uses a long-range attack, shooting poison
  • Regenerates her health every 15-20 seconds
  • Can't be knocked down
  • Drop: 4-8 byters, 50 XP, leather and sting

Boss Queen

Advanced Workbench

Advanced Workbench is used to create new items from the add-on. The workbench itself is created from 1 block of iron, 5 iron ingots and 3 any woods.

Craft Advanced Workbench

Bioplastic armor

Has almost the same characteristics as netherite armor. Fills the entire armor scale, protecting you from being knocked back by 75%. To craft, it you'll need compressed bioplastic and coils of copper wire.

Craft Bioplastic helmet
Craft bioplastic chestplate
Craft Bioplastic leggings
Craft bioplastic boots

Cutting knife

You will need a stick and 4 iron ingots to craft a Cutting knife, you can also improve with a coil of copper wire

Cutting knife craft
Craft an improved Cutting knife

Mutant sting

Drop from grippers, byters, and Queen. Can be used to create poison arrows.

Craft poison arrow

Mutant Biome

The most dangerous place with nothing living but mutants! Infested rocks can be found on the surface. Also, when it rains, visibility is reduced to 16 blocks. Night hunters appear here at night.

Biome is generated on version 1.16, if you play on the cave update and above, you won't be able to find it.


Copper Wire craft
Copper coil craft

Can you survive in this new harsh zombie world?

The player with armor
New types of zombies

Update 0.2.0

On November 13, the creator of the addon, Neichty, has prepared a long-awaited update for his fans and we are happy to publish it!

In the new version, you will find new mobs, items, armor melee weapons and FIREARMS!

Last update: v0.2.1 (May 14, 2023)
What's new?
  • Fixed a bug with the AWP sight
  • Fixed items and blocks names
  • In multiplayer, you can no longer see the number of rounds of another player

Supported versions
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