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Mod: Lamps and Lanterns
14-09-2022, 12:31 1 656
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Mod: Lamps and Lanterns

Mod Lamps & Lanterns adds more light blocks to Minecraft. They can be created and used as decorations for your building. This mod contains wooden lamps, copper lanterns and other types of light sources.

Enable the experiment features to use this mod.

Lamps and Lanterns

Amethyst lamp

Amethyst lamp
Crafting an amethyst lamp

Quartz lamp

Quartz lamp
Crafting quartz lamp

Copper lamps

Normal copper lamp
Darkened copper lamp
Oxidized copper lamp

Wooden lamps

Wooden oak lamp
Wooden birch lamp
Wooden mangrove lamp
Wooden spruce lamp

Copper lanterns

Copper lantern
Crafting a copper lantern
Normal copper lantern
Darkened copper lantern
Oxidized copper lantern

All these blocks can be obtained in the creative.

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