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Mod: Advanced Storage Network

18:34, 19 May 2022
(updated on: 21:01, 11 Jun 2024)
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Mod: Advanced Storage Network

Mod Advanced Storage Network adds a new useful block to Minecraft PE. It is a special terminal that can store any items, while in an infinite amount! Items and blocks from other addons are also supported.

In the settings of the world, enable all the experimental features.


It will take a lot of resources and time to create a terminal in survival mode. Recipes are quite expensive, but this is justified by the functionality of the block.

Storage Drive Casing:

Storage Drive Casing recipe

Empty Storage Drive:

Empty Storage Drive recipe

Storage Drive Core:

Storage Drive Core recipe

Storage Terminal Core:

Storage Terminal Core recipe

Storage Terminal:

Storage Terminal recipe

After creating the Terminal, select the place where you want to place it.

Tip Storage Terminal

The block has an appearance animation.

Placed Storage Terminal

If you hit the block, its interface will open. Since you haven't put anything in it, you will see the corresponding message.

Terminal Interface

Pick up the resources you want to put in the interface. Sit down and hit the block to put them in it.

Open the terminal interface again. Now you will see the items that are in it.

Terminal and planks in it

You can pick up resources at any time. Use the slider to select the desired amount.

Getting resources from the terminal

If you interact with the block (long tap or right mouse button), the terminal will break. In this case, the terminal itself and the disk that stores all your resources will drop out.

You can use this disk to write data to another terminal and restore your resources.

Terminal disk

Storage Terminal Import Bus

Collects all items from the chests above it and places the items in the nearest storage terminal within a radius of 5 blocks.

Storage Terminal Import Bus recipe

Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
Download mod Advanced Storage Network (.mcaddon)
[38.18 Kb] downloads: 3159
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