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Mod: Demonic Creatures
21-01-2022, 21:48 28 662
Survival / Mobs / Zombies
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Mod: Demonic Creatures

Minecraft has always been interesting for its creativity and survival, but you will agree that sometimes something hardcore and new hostile creatures are missing. This is exactly what mod Demonic Creatures was created for, adding several new mobs in the form of demonic entities.

Enable the experiment functions so that the mod works correctly. All creatures are able to see players from a distance of 100 blocks, which is dangerous without preparation!

Demonic zombie
  • Health: 15 hearts
  • Damage: 4
  • 5% faster than a normal zombie
  • Has a 10% chance of dropping a rotten brain

Demonic zombie in Minecraft

After the death of zombies, some parts of the body may remain.

Zombie body parts

There is also an analogue of a zombie cub.

Demonic baby zombie

Demonic skeleton
  • Health: 15 hearts
  • Damage: 2.5-4
  • Similar to a regular skeleton
  • Has a 10% chance of dropping a golden shard

Demonic skeleton in Minecraft

After death, a head may remain from it.

The head of a demonic skeleton

Mutant spider
  • Health: 12.5 hearts
  • Damage: 2.5
  • 15% faster than a normal spider
  • Has a 5% chance of dropping spider fang

Description of the mutant spider

After the death of a mutant spider, its cubs may appear, capable of poisoning for 5 seconds and having a 10% chance of dropping a spider fang.

Description of Baby Spider mutant

Zombie wolf
  • Health: 15 hearts
  • Damage: 4
  • 10% faster than a normal wolf
  • Has a 10% chance of dropping a rotten brain

Description of the zombie wolf

The zombie wolf has a cub version.

Baby zombie wolf

Other features

Ordinary zombies and skeletons after death also have a small chance of transformation into some limbs.

Zombie body parts
Skeleton head

Golden knife
  • Damage: 3
  • Endurance: 100
  • Demonic mobs receive +10% damage

Golden knife craft

Spider Claw
  • Damage: 5
  • Strength: 200
  • Toxic effect
  • Right click (long tap) throws a web

Crafting Spider famg
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