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Mod: Magic Craft
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Mod: Magic Craft

With mod Magic Craft, a little more magic and magic will appear. You will be able to meet a wizard, get new magic wands, find the wizard's house and fly on a magic carpet around your world in Minecraft !


A wizard appears in the world and he is very hostile. He will shoot fireballs if he sees you. If you hit him, he will summon a Witch.

Wizard's view in Minecraft

  • A wizard can be brought out of anger with a magic wand of healing
  • After using the wand, give him a healing potion and wait 30 seconds
  • After that, he will become passive and you can bargain with him
  • A wizard sells spell books
  • If a wizard is hit by lightning, he will receive additional powers
  • A charged wizard uses melee attack and is able to teleport
  • If you hit a charged wizard, he will summon the Wanderer of the Edge
  • A charged wizard can be healed

Spell table

A new workbench that is needed to create magic wands and potions.

View of the spell table

This table is created as follows.

Crafting the spell table

Use the table to combine magic spell books with simple wands to create full-fledged magic wands.

Crafting Magic палочки

If a magic wand loses its power, you can combine it with a normal wand to restore its power.

Fixing the magic wand

Also, the spell table can be used to create a healing potion to make the wizard passive.

Crafting potions

Magic carpet

Use a levitation spell book with black carpets to create a flying carpet. You will be able to use it to fly while avoiding dangers.

View of the airplane carpet
Airplane Carpet Crafting

Wizard's House

Generated all over the world. Valuable items, including magic items, can be found in the chests.

Wizard's House in Minecraft
The wizard's house is inside

Available sticks

Basic Magic Wand
  • Strength: 15
  • It can be found in the wizard's house
  • Has no special properties, but is able to destroy several mobs at once

Pyro Magic Wand
  • Strength: 15
  • Heals all creatures for 10 seconds
  • It can be used to shoot fireballs (long tap or right mouse button)
  • It can be used to create lava (one tap or left mouse button)

Aqua Magic Wand
  • Strength: 15
  • Heals all creatures for 10 seconds
  • It can summon lightning (long tap or right mouse button)
  • You can use it to create water (one tap or left mouse button)

Healing Magic Wand
  • Strength: 5
  • Heals all creatures for 10 seconds
  • Combine with a regular wand to fix it
Supported versions
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