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Mod: More Crossbows
7-11-2021, 00:58 10 844
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Mod: More Crossbows

Do you lack more weapons for long-range attacks? Mod More Crossbows will add several new crossbows to the game, each of which has its own unique properties.

In the settings of the world, enable the experimental features for the correct operation of the addon.

Shulker crossbow
  • Fires Shulker shells
  • When hit, the projectile imposes a levitation effect
  • Recovery time: 0.6 seconds

Crafting a crossbow from a Shulker shells
Shulker projectile flies into a sheep
White sheep levitating

Fireball Crossbow
  • Shoots fire projectiles
  • When hit, it sets fire to the target
  • Recovery time: 0.6 seconds

Crafting a Fireball crossbow
A fireball flies into a sheep
White sheep is burning from fire

Trident Crossbow
  • Quickly shoots tridents
  • Recovery time: 1 second

Crafting a Trident crossbow
The crossbow is pointed at the pig
Shooting from Trident Crossbow

Wither Crossbow
  • Shoots skulls
  • When hit, it causes a desiccation effect on the target
  • Recovery time: 0.6 seconds

Crafting a trident from the skull of a wither skeleton
Viser crossbow in hand
Viser's projectile is flying
Viser's projectile hit the target

Snow Crossbow
  • Shoots snowballs
  • Slows down the target when hit
  • Deals two units of damage
  • Recovery time: 0.3 seconds

Crafting a snowball crossbow
Snow Crossbow and Iron Golem
The snowball hit the golem

Magic Crossbow
  • Shoots the jaws of the Caller
  • Recovery time: 0.8 seconds

Crafting a crossbow from a totem
Magic totem is aimed at the target
Jaws are flying at the target
Crossbow and jaws

Dynamite crossbow
  • Quickly shoots dynamite
  • Recovery time: 0.6 seconds

Crafting a dynamite crossbow
Crossbow and pig
Dynamite on the ground
TNT exploded in Minecraft

Dragon Crossbow
  • Shoots a Dragon projectile
  • Recovery time: 4 seconds

Crafting a Dragon Breath crossbow
Dragon Crossbow and Iron Golem
The projectile flies into the golem
Dragon Crossbow using

Iron crossbow
  • Shoots arrows faster than usual with crossbows
  • Recovery time: 0.4 seconds

Crafting an iron crossbow
Iron crossbow and pig
The crossbow shell hit the target

Repair of crossbows

Dragon Edge Crossbow Repair
Fire crossbow repair
Magic Crossbow Repair
Repair of the Shulker crossbow
Snow crossbow repair
Iron crossbow repair
Dynamite crossbow repair
Repair of a crossbow with a trident
Viser Crossbow repair
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