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Mod: StalCraft Mobile
2-10-2022, 22:15 386 145
Survival / NPC / Weapons / Mobs / Armor
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Mod: StalCraft Mobile

Creator: Группа ВКонтакте StalCraft Mobile
The StalCraft Mobile project is a large-scale port of various functions and features of StalCraft from Minecraft: Java Edition to Minecraft (Bedrock)! Updated textures, new weapons with animations and sounds, armor — all this will definitely appeal to Stalker fans.

It is recommended to use the game version 1.17.40-1.17.41, the add-on may not work on newer versions.

The mod is under development and there may be various errors and flaws. For mod errors and ideas, as well as if you want to track new versions, go to the developer group — https://vk.com/stalkercraftx7 .

Available weapons:

Weapons from Stalker in Minecraft

Gun and anomalies:

Gun from Stalker in Minecraft
Gun sight in Minecraft

Sniper rifle

Sniper rifle in Minecraft

If you sit down, the sight is activated.

Rifle sight in Minecraft

There is also a variety of armor.

Mod: StalCraft Mobile

Last update: Build No4 (August 27, 2022).
What's new?
  • New carousel, funnel, electra, springboard and jelly parts (the anomalies themselves do not work yet);
  • Added interactive blocks (first aid kits, flash drive and vodka), which, by clicking on them, are transferred to the inventory in the form of an object;
  • Added a huge number of blocks for decoration;
  • Changed the models of the "Bear" and "Veles" detectors (they do not display the nearest artifact yet);
  • Changed some textures;
  • Partially rebuilt locations such as "Cordon", "Dump", "Bar", "Wild Territory", "Amber" and "Army depots". Most of the buildings will be different in the future;
  • Changed the sky (reason: at night, on some devices, most often in the PC, the sky was bright);
  • Added silencers and sub-barrels (the sub-barrels are still for "beauty", they are not working);
  • Changed the position of the pistols in their hands;
  • Added reload animations for some weapons;
  • Detailed list of changes: vk.com/wall-190620560_4701
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
The mod is under development, features can be tested on the map

Download map-mod StalCraft Mobile 1.17.40+ (.mcworld)

[218.58 Mb] downloads: 2141

Supported versions
Amogus bb blobDance catKISS KEKW MODS MONKE NOOOO peepoSleep popCat ratJAM roflanUpalo WHAT
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    А может потом с этим модом сервер сделать? Ведь задумка интересная и перспективная.
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    Мне матерится хочется версия блинчик .17.41 приложение не найдено поч поч ц меня уже бомбит пж скажите
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    Почему этот мод такой великолепный😡. Где мои лаги и баги?? Почему так все здорово?
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      Каролина :D
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    А где можно скачать обновление с квестами?
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      Припять строится👷‍♂️
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    Мод работает на версии 1.19.51
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      Работает, но блоки декора отображаются неправильно
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