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Mod: yBiomes Craft
23-04-2022, 01:13 59 129
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Mod: yBiomes Craft

With the mod yBiomes Craft in Minecraft PE there will be new realistic biomes that will be randomly generated across the game world. You can have fun with your friends, finding new trees, structures and biomes, making survival more interesting.

All new biomes are generated naturally. Below in the article, you can see their list and a brief description. Rare trees and mobs can be found in each biome, so this mod is great for survival.

In the settings of the world, enable all the experimental features.

Steep Swamp

This is a new biome, consisting of 80% water, with dense vegetation and many trees with spreading branches! Grapevine, weeping willow and non-standard sized mushrooms, as well as lotuses and a lot of moss in the water!

Mod: yBiomes Craft

Autumn Grove

You won't find anything more welcoming than this biome! It has a thick tangerine fog and trees of 5 different shades, as well as a lot of pumpkins and flowers. Be careful: foxes and 4 other animal species from the supplement will spawn here. It's a grove!

Cherry Grove

A very calm and hospitable grove! You will meet playful squirrels and deer. And there are also new trees, foliage and berries!

Spring Garden

There is nothing better than a spring garden with weeping oaks and lots of sweet berries to eat! And there are a lot of flowers reminding of spring outside the window.


Rocky mountains covered with a thick layer of soft snow! Here you will find some vegetation and a few frozen trees.


This biome is a large plain covered with coarse mud and prickly grass! And there are also small trees in this biome. But be careful…

Coniferous forest

A cold forest with tall coniferous trees and land consisting of thick mud and... mud! And a lot of grass and stones! What could be better?


Just a birch-pine grove. Completely updated and majestic in a new way!

Mangrove forest

It is (literally) a forest of mangroves and their unusually huge roots. And a lot of water!


A new coniferous forest mixed with taiga, cold climate, lots of stones, gravel and tall trees!


That's right! There are animals in this mod! And they're cute and funny. And they can also be tamed and petted.

Deer, for example. There are two options: with horns and without. They will avoid you, but you can tame (and then breed) them with wheat. Of course, you can kill them and get skin with meat, but you won't do that, will you?

Fireflies will appear in dark places of your world, and at night they will not just emit light, but glow very brightly, INCREDIBLY BRIGHTLY!

Ladybugs fly to the flowers in the groves. It's the frogs' favorite food, and they're a little fragile!

Raccoons (they really are like foxes) they hunt chickens and ladybirds. They can be fed with sweet berries, propagated, and then managed.

Squirrels are bouncy, playful and fast! They are afraid of big creatures, they love cherries and sweet berries. You can call them and feed them with the same berries.

Frogs appear in "Steep Swamps" and "mangrove forests". They hunt any insects, such as bees, ladybugs, moths and spiders, and catch them with their long tongue. You can use sugar to attract and feed them, and they will give you special effects in return.

This addition will provide you with beautiful landscapes, from which you then want to make a picture and hang it on your wall!


The addon adds a lot of blocks and objects, which, for example, make up the vegetation of each biome. Just take a look:

Last update: April 23, 2022.
What's new?
  • Support Minecraft 1.18 and higher
  • Updated panorama
  • Added fireflies
  • Added butterflies
  • Many new blocks have been added
  • Added walnut tree

Supported versions
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