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Mod: Zalcyan's Quest
24-07-2021, 16:24 38 299
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Mod: Zalcyan's Quest

If you like exploring biomes in Minecraft Bedrock, fight monsters and search for various structures, then mod ZALCYAN'S QUEST you will definitely like it.

With this modification, five six new biomes will appear in the game, each of which has its own unique structures, mobs, and blocks to explore!

In the biome Gulumar you will find giant glowing poisonous mushrooms! This is the home of new mobs called Aqe, representing ancient aliens who terraformed the planet. They shoot mysterious spheres that explode on impact!

Mod: Zalcyan's Quest

Here a huge, mysterious tower is generated, at the very top of which there is a chest.

Destroy it to summon the boss.

The boss has two stages. After reaching the second stage, he will stop taking damage from projectiles. Be careful, because sometimes he will force mobs to attack his own! For example, Iron Golems will sometimes attack villagers!

If you defeat him, then there is a small chance of a Amazing Sword falling out.

This biome is a volcanic wasteland inhabited by giant eight-legged creatures. During the day they are passive, but at night they begin their hunt.

They can also be ridden and controlled with Lor Gem!

In Lorlands geodes can be found! But be careful when smashing them! They can cause an unwanted surprise!

These geodes can be sold to Lorlanders who periodically appear in the biome. They are neutral to the players and follow any player who is equipped with a sword Graven Sword.

The Miren Biome is home to charming Miles.

At the moment, there are two options for the appearance of these mobs.
  • Miles who wear the red mantle are passive mobs and drink an invisibility potion when the player approaches them (you can hold a diamond in your hand and they won't become invisible).
  • The second option is warriors who wear cinnamon clothing. They won't attack unless provoked. All warriors drink an invisibility potion before attacking.

Another new mob in this biome is Leah, which is a giant moth.

Lunar lands
A mystical area that is inhabited by strange creatures and in which even stranger trees are generated. These glowing mold sprouts glow blue and create a thick fog throughout the day. In this biome you will find beautiful waterfalls and dangerous rocks!

In this biome you can meet Arglonars! They are very powerful mini—boss creatures that can attack in both melee and ranged combat.

It is recommended to disable the beautiful clouds in the game settings so that the fog works completely.

In the screenshot below Arglonar is preparing to attack from a distance. You can also see a very rare ancient temple created by a long-lost civilization.

Frissania Forest
According to rumors, these giant mushrooms are more than a thousand years old.

Friss beetles can be found in this biome. They are harmless and prefer to fly. However, this biome is also inhabited by very dangerous inhabitants — Looters.

You will be able to detect the ship Looters. There are stolen treasures inside!

The marauders are equipped with armor and blasters. Be careful, these snipers can target players at a distance of 64 blocks! They will occasionally appear in the Frissania forest. If you get one of their blasters, you can fix it with gems on the anvil.

In In the Frissania Forest you can find interesting structures called Pod towers.

Interact with the capsule stone to get a flying capsule.

Looters can also control the capsule, so be careful and don't let them get to it before you! (this feature is experimental and may not work on all devices).

There is also an Easter egg that you can find yourself!

Raken marshes
This is a beautiful swamp biome inhabited by lightning bugs and an elusive rhizome. Here you can find Raken trees growing next to the blue waters.

Lightning bugs will light up the sky only at night. During the day, they can be found in the dense foliage of the biome. If they are killed, they can potentially drop the photobank.

Place three photobelk particles in a vertical line in the crafting grid to get a bioluminescent rod. Lightning bugs can only be bred at night using Arvens, a plant commonly found in the biome.

Here you can also see the Raken Aquifers. They contain Rhizomes; creatures that hide underwater lilies. They can even be bred thanks to water lilies.

(Note: if you have the experimental parameter Caves and Cliffs enabled, this function may not be generated correctly)

Munlen Caves
This eerie region under the high peaks of Munlen is inhabited by a kind of Wart. These creatures can shed tears, which, when hit, cause enormous slowness. When killing, there is a chance of the Wart's eye falling out. Right-clicking with the Wart's eye will release a tear that will slow down your enemies for a few seconds!

(Note: if you have the experimental parameter Caves and Cliffs enabled, this function may not work correctly)

Frissania tree
Frissania now has its own wooden blocks! Please note that custom doors can only be opened/closed when interacting with the bottom of the door, and the stairs have the same height as the slabs. Please note that the screenshot is a demonstration of new wood, not a new structure.

This clumsy enemy can now be found in Loreland. Beware of its sharp spikes!

The Rise of the Marlar Empire

The marauders now have a chance to drop the shards of the warp. Turn four fragments into a warp transmitter and, by clicking the PCM on the warp transmitter, you will be teleported to the Marlar Tower. You will also be given a rewarp transmitter. Use this item to return to your previous location.

At the top of the tower is the foundation stone. He will be protected by battle-hardened Astral Knights. Break the warp stone to warp Marlar's flagship. Inside the flagship is the Emperor Zorkan, a ruthless villain who rules the universe. He wears the priceless crown of Zorkan. Legend has it that whoever wears the crown of Zorkan will be the ruler of all marauders and astral knights. As with the dragon egg, there will never be more than one Zorkan crown, so don't lose it!

There is an Easter egg, but you will have to sweat in his search!

Attention! For the mod to work correctly, you need to download both files and install both into the game. In addition, you need to set the settings of Holiday Creator Features, Custom Biomes, Additional modding capabilities in the world creation settings.

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      Я буду играть с братом
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    Теперь это мой любимый мод! Жду обновлений, лично я хочу, что бы добавили ещё больше мобов и взаимодействий между ними, и больше сюжета, например: кто такие мародеры, и откуда они взялись, с виду похожи на игрока, или кто построил те древние храмы (кстати, не знаю, только у меня так, но блоки в выживание из храма не разрушаются)
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