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Mod: LKD's Harvest

10-01-2021, 21:34 6 907
Mod: LKD's Harvest
Has the standard farming system in Minecraft become boring for you? Want more realistic food and harvest? The addon LKD's Harvest will add 180+ new items and blocks to the game.

Without this addition, Minecraft PE had only a few blocks of crops and a meager amount of food:

Mod: LKD's Harvest

But by installing the addon LKD's Harvest into your world, you will get many types of crops, food, fish and blocks.

And you can also create these items and other products from crops!

Some cultures can be found all over the Minecraft world, including in the wild:

This is only a small part of what the LKD's Harvest addon will add to the game. The rest you have to explore yourself: explore and grow new crops; cook new products; search for rare crops in the wild and much more awaits you in the world of Minecraft PE survival!

Installing the LKD's Harvest mod (.mcaddon):

  • Download the mod file marked .mcaddon from the link below.
  • Open the files (via ES Explorer on Android) and the game will install everything you need by itself.
  • Launch Minecraft and go to edit the world.
  • Select Resource packs.
  • Find the texture pack and activate it.
  • Select Behavior packs.
  • Find the add-on and activate it.
  • The mod is installed, have a nice game!

Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
Download mod LKD's Harvest (.mcaddon)
[13.66 Mb] downloads: 2485
New features / Food
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