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Map: Haunted School
26-08-2021, 23:59 26 826
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Map: Haunted School

Do you also dislike school, do you think that this place is very terrible? Map Haunted School is a horror map for Minecraft, in which you find yourself in a cursed abandoned school with paranormal phenomena. You need to get out of it and save the school from the curse by destroying the cursed entities that inhabit it.

The cursed Minecraft School
A map with a scary school in Minecraft

Your tasks:
  • Get out of school and free her from the curse
  • Uncover all the secrets and secrets
  • Destroy all the monsters that live in the school
  • Check every room in the school
  • Be smart and quiet
  • Hide from strong monsters
  • Protect yourself from the curse

Corridors of the Minecraft school
Map with horror school
Closed school doors
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download map Haunted School (.mcworld)

[13.37 Mb] downloads: 7978
Supported versions
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