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How to enable Wild Update?
23-03-2022, 22:21 4 294
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How to enable Wild Update?

After the launch beta of Minecraft, we noticed that many players still don't understand how to use experimental features. So we decided to write this little guide to help those who don't understand how to enable Wild Update and Frogs in Minecraft.

Open create a new world window or edit an existing one. If you want to use experimental features in your existing world, it's highly recommended that you create a copy of it before doing so.

Scroll down a bit and you will find the option Wild Update, activate it.

Enable Wild Update option

You will get a warning window, click Activate Experiments.

Activate experiments window

Now you will be able to meet frogs and tadpoles in the swamp biome. The spawn eggs also available in the creative inventory.

Frog egg in inventory

This also works with the release version of Meinkraft 1.18.10 and above.
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