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Copyright holders

If you are the copyright holder of any material, the link (or links) to which is posted on this site, and would not like this information to be distributed by users without your consent, then we will be happy to assist you by removing the relevant links.
To do this, it is necessary that you send us a letter (in electronic form) in which you provided us with the following information:

1. Documentary proof of your rights to the copyrighted material:
- a scanned document with a seal, or
- email from the official mail domain of the copyright holder's company, or
- other contact information that allows you to uniquely identify you as the copyright holder of this material.

2. The text that you want to place accompanied by the deleted information.
In it, you can specify where and under what conditions it is possible to obtain information, links to which have been deleted, as well as your contact details, so that users can get from you all the information they are interested in regarding this material.

3. Direct links to site pages that contain links to data that needs to be deleted.
The links should look like http://modscraft.net/xxxxx.html or similar.
After that, within 48 hours, we will remove the links you are interested in from the site.

Our email: modscraft1@gmail.com
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