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Shader: Origin Shader
26-07-2021, 16:04 118 760
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Shader: Origin Shader

Creator: linlin
These are probably the most realistic shaders that have ever been created for Minecraft. If you are bored with vanilla graphics, then it's time to try out something new!

Shaders work on Android and iOS. There may be lags on weak devices, so be careful!

Realistic shaders in Minecraft PE

Shader features:
  • Realistic lighting
  • Realistic clouds
  • Reflections on water
  • Reflections on metal blocks
  • Ripples on the water

Night sky:

View of the night sky with shaders


What does a sunset look like from shaders

Reflections on blocks:

Reflections on blocks with shaders

Shaders are in development and will be constantly improved. There is a file in the [b]OriginShader/shaders/glsl/Users/folderSet.txt, which allows you to customize shaders, but be careful!

For the clouds to work properly, in the game settings disable Clouds.

View of realistic water in Minecraft
Top view of the water in Minecraft
Underwater view from shaderes
Supported versions
Amogus bb blobDance catKISS KEKW MODS MONKE NOOOO peepoSleep popCat ratJAM roflanUpalo WHAT
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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