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ModsCraft Server

Server IP craft.pe
Server port 19132
Name ModsCraft
Slots 500
Version 1.1-1.18.32
Server type Survival, PvP, clans, weddings
Site craft.pe / vk.com/play.modscraft
Registered at June 9th
Updated at
February 17, 2022
Views count 17 773
The official server of our portal is ModsCraft Play! Pleasant survival, the opportunity to join a clan or create your own, weddings, mobs, mechanisms…

Server Features
  • Three servers with survival
  • BedWars
  • Clans
  • Always High Online
  • Moderators always monitor violators

In the server group vk.com/play.modscraft a competition for privileges is currently taking place, and promo codes for the purchase of donat are also being distributed.

How to buy donat on ModsCraft?

Go to craft.pe. Enter your nickname and select the required privilege or number of cases.

If you have a promo code for a discount, then enter it in the appropriate field.

Buying a donation on ModsCraft

After clicking on the Buy button, you will be redirected to the payment site. Choose a payment system that is convenient for you and pay for the purchase of a donation.

Choosing a payment system

Update on February 13
  • Added a new mode: Vulture
  • There are creative restrictions on the vulture mode and the issuance of currency from the donat is prohibited
  • Creative, fly and god mode are automatically turned off on the King of the mountain
  • The buyer of items is available by the /buyer command
  • Non-cerite armor, tridents and other items have been added to the shop on /warp shop
  • There is a virtual store by the team /shop
  • There is a lottery by the team /lottery
  • Entry using cheats is prohibited (players with ToolBox are immediately banned)
  • At the auto-mine, money will be withdrawn from you for the extraction of resources

Server screenshots:
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  1. Volt163
    Кстати вам совет добавьте сервер владуса IP:ananasmine.ru порт:19132 (лучше использовать порт:19134) название:ананас
  2. Volt163
    Это мой ник разработчики у меня к вам искренняя просьба почему-то многие админы наверняка все кроме двадцати убивают всех игроков после включение ПВП пожалуйста можете подарить креатив я буду за ними следить
  3. Zernome
    Как стать гл модером на серве?
  4. meri elfiaka
    Что делать если забила пароль?
  5. Салим
    Кстати мой ник ConveyedAxis344
  6. Салим
    Дайте креатив пж
  7. Akcpro
    Проблема команда на скайблоке ошибка #3
  8. GoldCobra
    Волькирия топ
    1. Dido piza
      Хохозо ноу
  9. QwerCat
    Сервак топ, у меня создатель поэтому возможно кто-то меня знает
  10. ༺𝕯𝖗𝖆𝖌𝖔𝖓༻🐲
    Сервер топ, но много читеров кст вы меня знаете
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