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Seed: The Best Seed for Speedrunning

03:44, 10 Sep 2021 22 095
Seed: The Best Seed for Speedrunning
Have you seen many times how various YouTubers quickly passed Minecraft? Do you want to try it as well or are you looking for the perfect seed for starting survival? This seed differs in that the player appears in a village with a lot of useful resources, you can find a fortress under it and quickly get to Nether or End.

After creating the world, you will appear in a village that has a blacksmith.

Spawn on the side

In the forge chest, you can find some food and a lot of iron swords.

Loot in the chest

To get into the fortress with a portal, you need to find and break the path block. After that, go down the stairs, soon you will find a room with a portal.

Fortress in Minecraft

When you find yourself in the Nether, you will be greatly surprised. You will successfully appear near the fortress and bastion, which merged into one structure. The bastion chest contains a golden armor with an explosion Resistance charm II, and in the destroyed portal there is a chest with an enchanted golden armor.

Nether in side
How to activate the seed?
  • Launch Minecraft Pocket Edition.
  • Open create world window.
  • Type seed key in field«Seed».
  • Press button «Play» to create a new world.
  • Seed activated, enjoy!

  • Seed: 444312371

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    1. Аватарка гостя
      9:50 19 Mar 23
      И еще рядом спавнер мобов там золотое яблоко и пластинка, конская броня
    2. Аватарка гостя
      Assasin 373
      9:28 21 Sep 21
      Я нашёл интересный Сид с огромнейшей поляной с Кучей пчел:1751240452 координаты:42, 121, -281. Это не далеко от спавна
    3. Аватарка гостя
      11:27 11 Sep 21
      Dream в это время
      Oh me good!!!
      1. Аватарка гостя
        19:17 11 May 22
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