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Mod: Craftable Statues
10-03-2022, 18:20 15 274
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Mod: Craftable Statues

With mod Craftable Statues you can create beautiful statues of different mobs and use as decor blocks in your world. There are currently 280 new statues available and 16 rare statues .

Creating a statue starts with crafting a pedestal. You can create it from one diamond and 8 stones, charcoal or quartz.

Craft stone pedestal

After that, the statue itself is created from the pedestal and the mob item. List of available items:
  • Player Statue with Trident = Trident
  • Player Statue with Flower = Spore Blossom
  • Player Statue with Torch = Torch
  • Player Statue with Sword = Stone Sword
  • Axolotl = Tropic Fish Bucket
  • Bee = Honeycomb
  • Cat = String
  • Chicken = Egg
  • Cow = Milk bucket
  • Creeper = Gunpowder
  • Dog/wolf = Lead
  • Enderman = Enderpearl
  • Fox = Sweet Berry
  • Hoglin = Crimson Fungus
  • Horse = Hay bale
  • Iron Golem Statue = Iron Ingot
  • Panda = Bamboo
  • Parrot = Feather
  • Pig = Raw Pork
  • Rabbit = Rabbits Foot
  • Sheep = Wool
  • Skeleton = Bone
  • Spider = Spider Eye
  • Squid = Ink sack
  • Strider = Warped Fungus
  • Turtle = Seagrass
  • Villager = Emerald
  • Wither Statue = Wither Skull

Craft skeleton statue

The statue can also be covered with copper, vines, charcoal or quartz. Example crafting:

Copper Skeleton Statue craft

You can trade with Stone Mason Villagers on Journeyman level to get the rare statues:
  • Amethyst Axolotl Statue
  • Amythist Fox Statue
  • Amethyst Panda Statue
  • Amethyst Wolf Statue
  • Cake Turtle Statue
  • Copper Golem Statue
  • Diamond Axolotl Statue
  • Diamond Ore Panda Statue
  • Dirt Steve Statue
  • Ender Dragon Statue
  • End Stone Enderman Statue
  • Ice Trident Wielding Statue
  • Ice Wolf Statue
  • Netherack Strider Statue
  • Prismarine Trident Wielding Statue
  • Spider Jockey Statue

Trade statues with villager

You can also get any statue through the creative inventory.

All statues in inventory
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Craftable Statues (.mcaddon)

[4.93 Mb] downloads: 5022
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