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Minecraft: Java Edition 1.12
18-07-2017, 20:33 134 094
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Minecraft: Java Edition 1.12

Minecraft is one of the most amazing games in the history of computer games. The developers do not stop and continue to constantly update the game, adding more and more new and cool features to it. And so, another major update Minecraft 1.12 Color Update.

What's new in 1.12?

Parrot is a new mob that spawns in the jungle biome. Parrots in Minecraft there are five colors: red (red macaw), light green, white (cockatoo), dark blue (hyacinth macaw), blue (blue-yellow macaw) and gray (Australian parrot). You can tame this mob only with the help of seeds, but you should not try to do it with cookies, because the parrot may die!

Minecraft: Java Edition 1.12

Illusionist is a hostile mob, which at the moment can only be summoned using the command /summon illusion_illager. The Illusionist has a bow, and in addition, he can create illusions in the form of his clones and use the effect of invisibility. In addition to all this, the mob can impose a blindness effect for 20 seconds, which greatly complicates the fight with him.

For those who like to build something, the developers have prepared new blocks: cement, concrete and glazed tiles!

Cement is a solid block that has 16 different color options. When it gets into water, it hardens and turns into concrete.

Concrete is a block that can only be used as a decoration. It has 16 colors that are brighter than burnt clay, and also, this block is non-flammable, unlike wool.

Glazed tile is a decorative block, which can be obtained if you burn the painted clay in the oven. It has 16 color variations, each of which has a specific pattern.

Instructional hints appear only in survival, and only at the first entry into the first new world.

The achievement system in Minecraft 1.12 has been almost completely redesigned. There are even more new features for third-party developers.

The changes affected the bed, banners and wool blocks. Now the bed has 16 different color options, and the colors of banners and wool blocks have become brighter.

This is just a small list of changes to the new snapshots of the PC version Minecraft 1.12 . We hope that the developers will introduce even more new features by the release! relaxed

The Latest version: 1.12 full version
What's new?
  • Release
  • A lot of new things!
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